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Art, Meditation & Oracle Cards

Art, Meditation & Oracle Cards

My art-making process has typically been about expanding and exploring a particular idea with the audience in mind, essentially a visual conversation.

In 2014, that changed for me during a two-month painting retreat. I shifted from working through a particular narrative to simply being present and engaging the painting.

I dropped the dramatic story.

This shift happened after more than a decade of intense meditation practices and energetic training. One of the practices included listening for a response from my inner self.

During my retreat, I brought that practice into the studio, where the act of painting essentially became a moving meditative process with clear guidance from my quiet inner voice.

Fluid, connected, effortless.


Doing this outside of a sitting meditation practice would have a very powerful effect on my life, although I wasn’t aware it at the time.

While using this energetic technique in the studio, the practice started to become second nature. For me, this new way of painting led to a new way of being.

I was building and cultivating a habit that carried over into my life outside of the studio. It became easier to let go and get into my flow. It became a way to exercise my meditative muscles outside of my sitting meditation practice.

From sitting meditation practice, to dynamic meditation practice while painting, to life. I caught a glimpse of liberation out of the corner of my eye.

Freedom. I had no idea it was there!

Thoughts come and go, as I hold a loose focus on what I’m doing, listening for what's next. Letting myself be guided by my intuition rather than distracted by my inner critic. Blissful.

This experience and the results were dramatically different for me. Previously, my work was very narrative, humorous, and a bit dark. OK, really dark sometimes.

(I have anger issues. Who the f*&k doesn't?)

After deep healing on some core wounds, [ a-hem ] I starting doing healings for others. These healings were typically in-person, a guided transformational experience.

Then I started doing remote energetic healings for individuals as well as groups on specific topics. In this new process, I included oracle cards as a visual guide.

When I experimented with different oracle cards, I always felt like there was something missing.

Using abstract paintings created during my retreat, I designed a set of oracle cards as a beta deck. Would they work? Did they resonate with me? Would they vibe others?

I tested, tweaked and adjusted for months.

They popped. 

The result is a set of fifty-four cards that comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. Each features a meditative painting coupled with an aspirational state.

Bright colors and loose brush strokes represent the unseen, yet felt and known. One inspired word printed below in a classic typewriter font; certain, clear, in black and white.

Designed to increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Repeated use may result in happiness for no apparent reason.



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Artist & Intuitive @ Embody Your Destiny. from Anita Brey on Vimeo.




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