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My First Oracle Card Reading ~ Spoiler Alert, It Was Epic

My First Oracle Card Reading ~ Spoiler Alert, It Was Epic

My First Oracle Card Reading is a column by Quinn Mitchell, journalist and creative. She shares first-hand, personal experiences, both ordinary and extraordinary. Tell her about your first oracle card reading, here. 

 As told to Quinn Mitchell by Quinn Mitchell.

I'm recording this as I'm walking to work. Here we go. My first oracle card reading was at a Rainbow gathering in Minnesota, somewhere deep in the woods. I was 16 years old.

The deck was a collection of bubble gum cards; Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes and Garbage Pail Kids. I don't even remember what else, maybe some Star Trek too, but it was a deck that this guy cobbled together. I can't remember his name. I want to say it's Steve, but he put together this pop culture oracle card deck, and he gave my best friend and I, he gave us a reading and it was my first reading. I was so excited. I was really excited. He had this whole little pop culture shrine that he made in the woods. This was before Burning Man, so it was really different. Really creative, fun, still connected to nature and to contemporary culture, I guess, right? I was an American Studies major. I was considering an American Studies major. At the time I was an Art major, but I was really interested in the intersection of pop culture and spreading ideas that were really positive and uplifting, so for me what he was doing was really inspiring.

Yeah, so my reading. The thing about the reading, it's kind of funny. I should look back at my journals, but right now I don't remember what he said about me. I do remember that what he said really resonated with me, and I felt seen and heard in a way that was completely new to me, and that felt really good. That ignited something in my spirit. I was like, "Yeah. I want more of this." Right? "I want more of this kind of connection with people and interaction." I do remember the reading he gave to my best friend because I was having a bit of a challenge with her at the time. She was two years older than I was, so she was 18, I was 16, which at the time seemed like a big difference. 

She had gotten herself in a situation with a guy that I didn't understand. It didn't make any sense to me, like why would somebody put up with something like that? Why would she compromise so intensely just to be with somebody? Essentially, she was in an abusive relationship and this guy was beating her. You know, it didn't make any sense to me why she would stay. It wasn't like he was an amazing person. There was nothing about him that was compelling or interesting at all, so I didn't get it. I was having a hard time supporting her and seeing her get hurt repeatedly and not make a move to get out because why? There was literally no reason for her to stay there. They didn't have kids. They weren't married. I mean, she's 18, right?

This guy, let's call him Steve just for fun. He shuffled his Garbage Pail Kid cards, the Star Wars cards, his pop culture tarot deck. He shuffled up his cards and gave her a reading. This guy, he doesn't know anything about her. He doesn't know anything about me. We literally just met him at this Rainbow gathering in the woods, which is essentially like a big party in the woods. Her whole reading was about how she was in an abusive and a dangerous situation, and she needed to leave immediately.

I was sold, right? I was completely sold because he said to her what I had been saying over and over and over again. While she couldn't hear it from me because I was her best friend, I was younger, I wasn't in a relationship, what do I know? This is how relationships are. To have somebody give her a reading and say pretty much the same thing was really powerful, so I got a taste of that. Not only did I get a taste of being seen and being heard as a spirit in my reading, I also had the experience of how powerful a reading can be to help somebody make a change in their life that they really want, but they're afraid of making. Yeah, so that was my first oracle card reading.

What about you? What's your story? Yeah, follow up, let us know.  Pick a card and before you do - set an intention,  hold a question and be open to the reflection that you get from the card. It might not always be very literal or obvious, so stay abstract, right? See what comes up for you when you see it. Usually, there's that first or second initial response, and that's usually the one that's connected. All right, have fun.

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