Embody Your Destiny


Sacred self-care for modern life.

Embody Your Destiny was founded in 2014 to show others how to deepen their relationships with spirit.

Our programs are designed for people who want to experience energy in a real, tangible way, and continue to be their own guru.

We are householders or said another way, folks who are dedicated to a deep spiritual practice, in addition, to being active in the modern world. 

We understand the pulls of daily life and hold sacred space for profound unfolding and gentle transformation no matter what the schedule.

With the help of our team Upstairs, we download an Energetic Healing Impulse to you while you sleep. Why? 

1) Your energy field is open and receptive. 
2) You have time to integrate the changes for a few hours before you wake up.
3) It's easy on your schedule. You can fit it in.

All are welcome. 

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Anita Brey. Artist & Meditator. Her meditative painting series: Embody Your Destiny is featured in this set of intention cards. Follow her on Insta. 


Skylar Rose.  Medium & Author. Her words give Voice to the Energetic Impulse behind Embody Your DestinyFollow her on Insta. 


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