Embody Your Destiny



courageous | bravely stand in your truth, even in the face of crazy

As we are all artists creating our own reality, we might not necessarily appreciate each other’s work. What to do, when you feel like your life’s work, your reality, is not well received? Or you're afraid of putting it out there? Or you really hate the work so-and-so is doing lately? With every step you take embracing your light and embodying self-love, you make the world a better place. That takes courage. That’s the real work. Let go of drama and disengage from the storm. See the bigger patterns at play. See where you are being pulled in. See the reflection you might not want to see in work you do not like. Play for keeps with yourself. Focus inward, fight the battle of distraction and dis-ownership. Embrace your transition from Warrior to Hero. Your shadow is your guide.

Embody your courage.


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