Embody Your Destiny

Magic Mondays

Magic Mondays

Embody a new vibe on Mondays by starting your week on a high note.

Once a week, get an energetic empowerment session to start your week fully charged and crystal clear.

Work is done remotely, while you sleep.

You will get a short email on the theme that emerged in the group session Monday morning.

We'll share insights about the energetics that are shifting for you as well as a vibe to focus on during the upcoming week.  

Each week, we focus on releasing one main "thing" that is coming up for the group. 

Then, we shift gears to replenish your energy with an aligned vibration.

So you wake up, aligned, uplifted, ready to rock your week. 

Soulful Self-Care.

Only $99 a month or join for a year and save over 15%.


Magic Mondays is a weekly group energy work session. We release one "thing" each session and fill up with a fresh impulse. As an example, one week we release the "fear of abundance" and fill up with the "vibration of natural abundance".

Work is done remotely, while you sleep Sunday nights.

On Monday morning, you'll receive a short email about the themes that emerged in the group session. It also includes ways to amplify the energy shift and embody it. $99 a month. Or try it for a week @$29.


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