Embody Your Destiny

Vibrant Executive


Vibrant Executive

The Vibrant Executive experience is designed to support you while you are pursuing your dreams, whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, in the corporate boardroom or your side-hustle office space.

Over the course of five weeks, you will release fears that no longer serve you and reset your energetic system to an elevated state, magnetizing your success.

Each week, you’ll clear the energy around one core fear, and then update your energy system with a high-vibe imprint.

Release and replenish. Clear and create.

If you have the time and the inclination to go deeper, you can move the through clearings at once creating an immersive experience.

Or you are welcome to move gently through the sessions, week by week.

What you get:

A video walking you through how the clearing and imprinting works. Step-by-step.

Five sets of practices, two audio recordings for each session. One recording focused on clearing, the other recording focused on imprinting.

An elevated life, with more flow!

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